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Why Big Academy?

BIG ACADEMY is the product of a group of "Bigfix Gadget Care LLP" from India who come from various walks of Telecom Sector and have created this institution. The courses have been designed by Bigfix and TSSC keeping in mind the Telecom Sector of each and every student. The classes are designed to give each and every individual a personality make over irrespective of the age.

We focus on the Art of Learning where learning is not an obligation rather learning happens naturally. Our courses are designed in a way that they challenge the traditional classroom courses. We experiment with new technologies to create fun activities and better learning techniques. We use every possible method which can trigger the learning process be it Practical Classes, e-learning or Social Network. Our services provide such joyful experiences to our students and clients that they take these experiences to their workplace, school, college and home.

Our classes are animated by Trainers who have been trained and are well experienced in teaching Telecom Sector. We have classes at flexible timings. We make a difference by following the latest methods of learning and teaching that make the overall experience an enjoyable one.We provide the right blend of language and fun. We guarantee that students will be taking back more than they can ever dream of.

Every batch of students will Learn, do Practical and get trained in the field of Telecom Sector at the end of their course. Students will also get a chance to Learn from our E-learn Portal titled and will have a platform to show case their literary abilities.