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Telecom Network Engineer


Big Academy offers comprehensive training to professionals, career seekers, students to design, develop, support and implement solutions for on field, real world situations, using the latest products and technologies. The institute stands strong on the foundation of its profound technical background and extremely Knowledgeable and dedicated faculty. We have merged a few TSSC jobroles and create a unique course for Telecom & Computer Engineers.


Eligibility : ITI / Diploma / Bachelor in Technology (any field).

Duration : 500 hours, 6 Months.

Certification : Upon successful completion you will receive certificate from BIGFIX and Telecom Sector Skill Council.

Course Fees : Rs. 1,60,000 Rs.1,45,000

Loan Facility : Available.

  •   Learn about the telecom industry
  •   Develop understanding about the Telecom Infrastructure industry.
  •   Understand Role of a Tower Technician
  •   Differentiate between various technologies used in Telecom Networks
  •   Understand about the various equipment deployed at a tower site.
  •   Know about the tools used in maintaining a tower site.
  •   Explaining the purpose of generators
  •   Distribution, LED Indicators, and alarm Indicators
  •   Explaining the principles of Battery Bank and its maintenance
  •   Understand Transmission Media
  •   Understand Mobile Technologies
  •   Know about Fiber-Optic Communication
  •   Understand Optical Communication Systems
  •   Understand Optical Fibers as Communication Channel
  •   Understand Optical Transmitters & Receivers
  •   Understand Network Topologies
  •   Understand IP Address
  •   Understand Sub-netting
  •   Understand Configuring Network Connectivity
  •   Learn IP addressing and Configuring Network Connectivity
  •   Learn sub netting and learn Network identification
  •   Understand Fiber Optics basics
  •   Learn Advantages and Disadvantages of Fiber Optics
  •   Understand Optical Fiber Standards
  •   Understand Fiber Structure
  •   Know LED Classifications
  •   Know Lasers Classifications
  •   Understand on Optical Radiation
  •   Understand Fiber Optics
  •   Know the Structure of Fiber Optics
  •   Understand Fiber Optics types
  •   Know about ITU Fiber Standards
  •   Learn about PON Maintenance & Troubleshoot
  •   Understand Features of ONT Hardware
  •   Understand LED Identity in ONT
  •   Understand CCU Monitoring Panel Indicators
  •   Know about ONT Service Configurations
  •   Learn ONT Preventive Maintenance
  •   Learn ONT Registration Failures and Solutions
  •   Understand the opportunities in the broadband industry and the role of optical fiber technician
  •   Gain knowledge about the basics of telecom Public switched telephone network (PSTN), media of transmission, important telecom terminologies etc.
  •   Basics of fibre optic communication including its evolution
  •   Conduct an effective site visit
  •   Demonstrate and execute optical fibre laying pre-requisites
  •   Conduct and supervise installation of optical fibre trenching, aerial cabling, ducting, figure-eight, cable pulling, blowing and termination
  •   Understand and follow NOC fault notifications process
  •   Respond to faults received from customer, contractor
  •   Understand and take adequate steps to fault localization and rectification
  •   Identify typical faults and adhere to problem identification process
  •   Carry out optical fibre restoration process
  •   Recall the fundamentals of communication networks such as LAN and WAN systems
  •   Summarize the concept of firewalls, routers, switches, and WI-FI and access points
  •   Illustrate the configuration of routing and switching equipment
  •   Categorise the different routing protocols -TCP/IP, UDP, Telnet etc.
  •   Troubleshoot common LAN issues Identify requirements of nodes, operating systems, internet connectivity pattern